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Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Europe Practitioner & Researcher
York University (Canada) & Edinburgh University (UK)

Psychological Therapies

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Compassion Focused Therapy, also known as Compassionate Mind Training (CMT), developed by Paul Gilbert, aims at helping people who experience high levels of shame and self-criticism. These feelings can be common characteristics of clients who experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Compassion Focused Therapy aims at increasing awareness and understanding about shame and self-criticism which often originate from early experiences such as abuse, bullying or critical parenting.

According to the theoretical model of CFT people have 3 affective regulation systems. In people who experience high shame and self-criticism the soothing and calming system is not easily accessible and the threat system is predominant. 

Compassion Focused Therapy has its origins in the attachment concept and uses techniques which aims at developing care for oneself such as warmth, understanding, safety, calmness and compassion.
Compassion  is an empowering concept and does not mean self-pity. CFT gives you techniques to help you to gain a better understanding of the origins of your difficulties and of your distress. CFT helps you to become more sensitive to your needs and to take responsibility in changing your present therefore having a positive impact on your future.

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