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Eating Disorders


People who suffer from anorexia nervosa tend to starve themselves and although they are significantly underweight they are convinced they are overweight. They deny the seriousness of their condition and cannot objectively evaluate their own weight. Anorexic people sometimes must be hospitalized to prevent starvation and starve themselves, even though they suffer from hunger pains. Anorexia is an emotional disorder that focuses on food, but it is actually an attempt to deal with perfectionism and a desire to gain control by strictly regulating food and weight.

People with anorexia often feel that their self esteem is tied to how thin they are. Eating and weight are an obsessions and compulsiveness is shown in strange eating rituals or in the refusal to eat in front of others. People who suffer from anorexia may have obsessions to collect recipes, to cook for family and friends, but not partake in the meals themselves. They may adhere to strict exercise routines to keep off weight. Symptoms of anorexia include: loss of monthly menstrual periods in women, intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat,  poor self-image and self-worth directly related to eating and weight, distorted perception of self, refusing to eat depression, lack of menstrual cycle.

Other eating disoders


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